About Us

SevenFeathers Studio is located in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada where the Indigenous first walked the land and raised their children.  It is a place of spirit healing and peace for me.  Sometimes I can see them walking in the wind...sometimes I wonder if I was once one of them.

I named my Studio after an encounter with The Great Spirit involving one lost soul and 7 perfect osprey feathers.  The Studio is a place to create, to become and to learn.

A Love for Nature and Old Things

I like to paint old buildings, churches, farm machinery, interiors and fences.  Recently, I am intrigued by old photos of teepees and the Indigenous which once freely roamed this area of the earth.


Farm Tractor Abandoned in Field



My name is Gina Parker Whitlow.  Throughout my life I have attended 3 different colleges and wasted no time in learning.  I have been taught art by many gifted teachers, three of my favourite being James Trevelyan, John Cooper and Trudy Golley.  Mr. Cooper showed me how colour works and although i do not understand it like he does, I got a bigger picture from him.  Ms. Golley taught me to believe and trust in myself and my instincts.  Mr. Trevelyan taught me what to do with paint and different ways to apply it.